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14 May 2009

PLans for 2009-2010 a draft

I know I have a great, detailed set of long-term plans, but. CC told me she wants to study like the Roman children did and I want to do American history next year. So this is kind of what I am planning. Its a start. It changes over time. I have weeks before I will decide. Also, what to do with LB is the biggest problem. I think I need something more structured so that I don't get done with my school day before I get her schooling in. Then again, its better if they are doing the same things.

I'm going to put links in to the books tomorrow.

My CC loves Ancient Rome and has spent this year studying it on her own. She wanted to have her school next year reflect more of a true classical education that a Roman child might have gotten. She suggested some of the content based on her research about what Roman children learned. I am also folding my youngest in to more formal studies next year, but gently.

Writing & Grammar
Classical Writing Aesop using my own models.

Lively Latin
Mater Aserina - Poems in Latin for Children by Milena Minkova

Roman History and Culture
To Be a Roman - Topics in Roman Culture ]by Margaret A. Brucia
Once Upon the Tiber by Rose Williams

Early American History and Geography
My own plan I am working on based on Colonial Living by Edwin Tunis, A History of US by Hakim, some activity books, and the Core Knowledge history sequence.

We were recently given a really good, free, telescope so we are studying astronomy.
Kids Book of the Night Sky
Child's Introduction to the Night Sky
Also doing the Kinex phyics modules.
We also have a Discover and DO dvd and Sonlight science kit

MEP and Singapore with maybe some Life of Fred Fractions

Literature for her to read
She is reading though the Lang color fairy books.
In Search of a Homeland by Lively
Little Women

Other -
Continuing Spelling Power
She wants to memorize selections from Homer and Virgil next year instead of "just" poetry.
She takes art, music, Spanish, PE, and science at a once-a-week cottage school.

For the K child who is too young for K in our district:
Reading - using whatever method works for her
Miquon math
Poetry memorization
I'm going to make a shelf of books that I want to make sure I read to her.
My American history plan will include weekly picture book and easy reader selections for this child to keep her in the loop.
She does science with us.
Lots of play and helping out around the house.

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