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15 May 2009

Week32 - BB goes back to Tokyo

BB left for Tokyo again yesterday morning. It wasn't any easier this time.

Maybe it was even harder. He is just a little bit further away from the boy he was and gradually becoming more comfortable in the path he is choosing. He seems to really love Tokyo so I guess I have to be happy for him even if it means he is so far from me. We went over budgeting and had some discussions about how he is going to move toward being more self-sufficient. We packed his suitcases with food and sent him back to the biggest city in the world.

School this week revolved around BB. He spent time playing board games with the girls and teaching them how to use K'nex. They built a well from the directions in the K'Nex Simple Machines set.

Yesterday, we worked in the yard, and I worked on repairing the sprinklers. We spent time measuring the broken section, sketching the parts we need, and shopping for replacement parts. Then they watched while I cut PVC, and cemented the new section together.

Today, we went for a nice walk on the trail by our house and LB collected wildflowers. She had me look up the names after we returned, then she proceeded to play house with them. They had personalities and became a family.

We are up to the beginning of the Renaissance in history. We read more Norse mythology. CC and BB spent many hours reading Calvin and Hobbes together. CC is also reading The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit and Knight's Castle by Edward Eager. She spent a couple of hours working on a comic book for her brother that she will finish next week so we can mail it to his new apartment.

Slowly, we are returning to our rhythm. We miss BB.

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Ami said...

How great that he got to spend some time at home.