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01 May 2009

Friday Summary Week 30 - The Return of the Brother and the Big Performance

Can you spell JetLag? Poor BB, left Tokyo Monday at 5:30 pm and returned home at 3:30pm. His body is a full 16 hours off from our life, and he lost a day in the Pacific. He fell asleep at his sister's art class at 5pm only to be wide awake at 11 when I was going to bed. He looks like he has lost twenty pounds off his tall, thin frame. But it is good to see him and know that he is okay. I just want to tuck him into bed and feed him and keep him home. Except, he's 19 and scheduled to go back to school in two weeks. He told his sisters to not grow up too fast because being an adult is hard.Can I reverse time back to when he was little and do it all again more slowly?

Speaking of doing it all over again more slowly - LB is growing up too fast. Since she is the youngest, I am finding that I have to make sure I let her take turns to lead when we hike and explore. She loves to play with a younger friend so that she gets to be the older one for a change. This week she brought me a piece of paper with a hangman drawn on it and wanted to play with me and BB. She had a lot of fun being the one to write the words and letters. Now that she can spell a few words, she's excited to be able to play this with us. We used to play with BB when he was little, and we went out to eat, and now its her turn to play.

CC's once-a-week school had a talent show this week. As soon as she heard about it, she wanted to perform Jabberwocky. She already knew the poem; she just had to get over being nervous saying it aloud. We practiced several times this week with her standing in conspicuous places, and us doing silly things to try to distract her. Here is her performance, a bit shakey - yes, at least a unipod next time for the camera.

She was awesome!

We did some actual school this week, and

MEP is the best math program ever. Okay, at least I am still loving it. One of the problems she did this week was ___ x 7 - 12 = 4 x 4 I was prepared to explain and give some hints per the teacher notes, but she looked at it and said that was easy since she just needed to see what times 7 is 28. What? Wait, I was ready to help, but she said it was easy and went on 16 / 4 + 1 = ___ / 3 . Where has this math been all my life? She hates doing a page of multiplication and division facts, but eats this stuff up.

Other than that, we read history through the Aztecs and Incas, did dictation, spelling, art, and went on a lovely nature walk. She also read daily, recited Jabberwocky, and learned a new acronym - R.I.C.E - rest, ice, compression, elevation. I love our family doctor. He took the time to explain to her how to care for her injured, bruised hand (thanks to playing London Bridge with a friend too close to a bookshelf).

The poor dear has a terrible, deep purple bruise on the carpal bones in her hand - the doctor also named all the bones and described the functioning of the hand, small bones, tendons, and muscles. If she hasn't improved significantly by Monday, we might start lessons in writing with her alternate hand.

I think I'll spend next week trying to convince myself that my youngest isn't growing up too fast, my oldest isn't leaving too soon, and my middle isn't going to leave me someday too.

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Ami said...

Great Job CC!