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24 April 2009

WR29 - Earth day

This week we went to one of our favorite parks with our friends. the lake has finally thawed and the kids enjoyed the sun, water, and just being outside.

Here is CC working on a slide for her playground she is building for her toys.

And LB is making beautiful playdough cookies.

I finally finished the second hole for my second apple tree and planted them (almost). I'll take lovely pictures when I have them all mulched. In the meantime, the kids had a great time with all of the intermediate steps of hole digging. This one was a boat, an island with buried treasure, and a castle with a moat. Notice CC is rigging the boat, and LB is chasing chickens with the would-be sails.

We did school this week too - but not on Monday. We have officially canceled Monday school. We just spend the day enjoying each other, and catching up on house work, gardening, or playing in the sunshine and not at work. That leaves us with 40 more days of our 180 to finish in 4 day weeks. I think school will last a while longer.

We found a new way to do grammar.

I give CC a dictation sentence that exemplifies a grammar or punctuation rule, and she rolls her eyes and explains how she already knows that rule. Isn't that fun? Well, instead of letting it get to me, I have embraced it (only not the eye rolling part). I looked at the next dictation sentence (from WWE workbook 2), told her what the rule is going to be and asked her to look for examples in her reading. Then when I give her the dictation sentence next week, I'll have her explain the rule back to me. It will accomplish the same thing, but with more style and hopefully less eye rolling.

For writing this week, we did dictation one day, copywork one day, and she worked on a story she is writing two days. She worked on her cursive with the dictation and the copywork.

For math, we have finished up through lesson 112 in MEP. This week, she told me that she loves math.

For history, she learned about the Great Dust Bowl at her cottage school, read about Roman homes and villas on her own, and we read up through the Moghul empire in Story of the World.

In spelling, she finished the Group 2 words. LB decided to join us at spelling so I started her on the List A, group 1. I call the words just like I do for her sister, but then I spell them for her and she write them down. Later in the car, the girls were quizzing hubby on spelling words, she told him to ask her how to spell MAN. He asked her, and she spelled it, "MAN. M-A-N. MAN. Daddy, you are a man." Now, guess what sentence I used when I dictated man. She actually wrote about 8 words that during that spelling lesson.

All four of us went to see Earth on Earth Day. It was a terrific movie. The girls would have happily skipped the scary scene at the watering hole at night, but the rest of the movie was amazing. We were the people in the back of the theater talking through most of the movie, but we really couldn't help it. There were too many reasons to say 'Wow.'

We read a beautifully illustrated version of Ivanhoe this week. At the end, CC declared that she wants to grow up to be like Rebecca, and before she went to sleep, LB was wishing she could be like "the princess" Rowena.

And that was our week.

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Ami said...

MMM.... I thought we had the market cornered on eyerolling. Sounds lke a great week.