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29 May 2009

Week 34 - Thunderbird

This week we spent a lovely afternoon watching the Thunderbirds . I love how a little thing like an air show at a graduation can lead to so many discussions. Hubby and I shared about tossing our caps at our graduations. We discussed what is so special about the Air Force Academy that their graduates get their own fly over and air show. We talked about the speed of sound and why the planes seem to drag their roar behind them - is it so they can sneak up on enemies? We even spent a good deal of time with LB going over the number 6. "There are two, where are the other 4? Oh there is one, and there is another one, where are the others? Look, there are 5, where is that last one? Look they are flying 3 in the front and 3 behind. " We talked about why the sound from the plane over us made our tummies rumble.

The rest of the week, we watched a lot of science shows - we love Mythbusters around here and the sun didn't shine for several days. CC is more than halfway finished memorizing The Tiger, and we have been using that for copywork and cursive practice. We also worked on multiplication over breakfast with me reading word problems from Ray's. I like the problems that have prices for things. Here are some prices: apples, 8 cents a pound; watermelon, 5 cents each; opium $8 per pound. Gulp. That is an interesting breakfast conversation. "Mommy, what is opium?" And the problem in question was asking how much 7 pounds is. Well, "That is enough to get you put in prison for a very long time honey."

We have postponed reading the rest of SOTW2 for a while. I didn't want to leave the Middle Ages, without reading more King Aurthur and at least one more Robin Hood book. The Renaissance can wait a little while longer.

And LB has now read 5 of her BOB books. I love watching new readers read. She sounds out the word, then blends it, then gives a little jump, her face lights up and she repeats the word. Then she rereads the whole sentence so far. She also does something that neither of the other two did. When she sees a word that she has read before, she flips back to where it was, then keeps one finger on the previous copy of the word and sounds out the new copy of the word, then flips back to the other page and seems to almost verify that that word said the same thing last time she read it. It is interesting to watch how her mind works.

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