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05 June 2009

Week 35? maybe still 34

Does it count as a week of school if we only "schooled" one day? The day we did school, we sat at the dining room table after breakfast, and I called out math problems from Singapore 3B. After CC answered a problem correctly, the brave knight shot an arrow from her homemade bow through the kitchen and tried to hit a box of cookies by the stairs. After she used all of her arrows, her trusty squire LB would retrieve her arrows for her. We had a wonderful morning and plugged through two lessons of math before I finally made her stop so that we could clean house before we went to play with our friends.

If that is a day of school, what does a day off look like?

The kids played lots this week - outside when the sun peeked through the clouds and inside when it stormed. CC zoomed through a the rest of her latest Nesbit book and an Edward Eager book which she agreed was much easier. She decided it was time that she learned more about Egyptians, so she's now reading the Egyptian section of our history books.

We have one chapter left on the King Arthur book we are reading. It is a great book, but is too exciting to be a bedtime story. I have had a terrible time getting both of them to sleep at night after reading this. I'm almost glad to be getting back to reading from the history book and the Norse mythology book - which is also a problem some nights. Maybe the extra sunlight at night is infringing too - who knows.

LB is happily reading one Bob book each night, but has recently decided she would rather read the same book over and over instead of reading new books. That is fine with me. She still doesn't want reading lessons, so I am just following her lead. I know it is easy for them to read when they are ready.

Despite having a high temperature of 42 one day last week (the day we did school of course), summer is firmly here. We'll spread our last few days of school out far enough so that CC doesn't forget her math, and we get plenty of time to just enjoy the days.

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