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13 June 2009

Don't Try this at Home

This was a fun week. We went to the zoo with friends, had friends over to play, went to the circus, and worked very hard on converting BB's room into a room for the girls. We also learned the first four lines of the Guy Fawkes poem because we have a friend named Guy and CC's new Nesbit book references the Gunpowder Plot. So we've spent the week walking around prompting each other to Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot.

We've packed up BB's stuff (sniff, sniff) that he didn't take to Tokyo with him, moved the furniture, purchased new paint (and watched how they mix the colors), and removed the carpet and padding. In the process, the girls learned how to use hammers to remove things with a lever and remove nails using the claw end as a fulcrum. We also removed lots of staples from where the padding had been, and have lots of staples left to remove. We have started working to remove the texture (popcorn) from the ceiling. Lots more work still to be done before we can start putting the room back in order.

At the circus, the girls spent two hours staring with giant eyes at amazing things. There was just too much to be amazed at. I think one of the favorites - besides the animal acts - was the people being shot from cannons. I thought they only did that in cartoons. I was glad that it was during the week so that I could be there to see the looks on the girls' faces. I love that wide-eyed look of wonder.

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