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10 July 2009

I Spy Something Green

We played I Spy while drove the 20+ miles through a national forest to find the Lost Campground. Here is a sample of I Spy in a national forest.

"I spy something green."
"A tree"
"I Spy something tall and green."
"A Tree"
"I spy something tall and green with needles."
"A tree."

It turned into a game of who can describe a ponderosa pine in a new way. The campground had much more to see than could be seen from a car including: trees, flowers, boulders, a stream, rocks of every color, animals, birds, and millions of trees. One of the things I love even more than a national forest is a national wilderness area.

By the way - When you find the Lost Creek are you lost or are you found?

1 comment:

mama-aya said...

Funny! Almost as we play I Spy here in the desert: I spy something grey- sage. Ha! Have a great time enjoying summer!