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09 August 2009

More Summer Still

August is turning out to be another spectacular month.

It is a joy to see BB for a few weeks while he is between semesters. This morning BB and Hubby climbed up 1 mile of mountain stairs and hiked down 4 miles of mountain. He's also been trying to squeeze a little Japanese with hiragana into the girls and me.

CC is learning a lot with her little cutie of a puppy - Inu. The pup is doing great with crate training, and house training. She is also sitting before she gets her meals and learning to sit and be invited to go outside. She is not only smart, but she is also keeping up with us on our nightly walks. Last week we saw two bucks, a doe with two fawns, and a mother bear with two cubs all on our walks.

LB is progressing with her reading and has started writing notes.

Next week we are taking off for a week in the mountains. When we get back, we'll start to ramp up to school with math first. I've printed out the MEP lessons for both the girls, and I have each a level of Ray's for oral review and Singapore CWP for word problems.

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Lorna said...

Wow, you must be so proud of your children! It sounds like you learn as much from them as they from you now :0