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21 August 2009

Exploring State History - or The BIG RV Trip

As part of our state requirement for homeschooling, we have to study state history. Wow. I love this requirement. This year, we loaded up the RV and drove to discover some of the oldest architecture in our state. Along the way, we watched a meteor shower, made s'mores, collected rocks, listened to a waterfall, played in a river, watched the sun rise and set, climbed up a mountain and into a canyon, breathed the freshest air in the world, marveled at the biggest sky in the world and enjoyed the best company in the world.

It was probably the best trip ever - and we've had some really great trips. I love being able to add experiences like this for my own enrichment (and the kids too of course). There is nothing like watching the sunrise over a mesa to etch the picture of "Mesa" into your mind forever. The same is true for hiking into a canyon because now "canyon" is linked to a place in time in our lives. It is amazing to feel sandstone under your feet in a desert place then to realize that there are smooth river rocks embedded into it and to hike on a rocky hilltop only to realize that the rocks under your feet are pumice from a volcano. Did you ever see barnacles embedded in sandstone? How about wondering how that elk leg got into that tree, then realizing you are not at the top of your nearest food chain? I don't know that there is anything better in the world than waking up in the night and seeing shooting stars from the open part of your tent only to realize that your hubby or your child is awake and silently watching them next to you.

We have some great touch points for our studies for the coming year and some wonderful memories that will last us forever.

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