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23 August 2009

The difference between Big and Old

When my kids were little, each of them would come into my room in the morning and cuddle with me before breakfast. Eventually, each would woutgrow this, but I have always treasured the little bit of quiet time with them in the mornings. This past year, CC had started getting up and making her own breakfast then enjoying her own quiet time downstairs alone. However, this morning, she was happily snuggled next to me.

We had a nice chat while hubby and LB were making pancakes. She told me that she had started spending time alone in the mornings because it made her feel big, but since she got the puppy she has been saving for for so long, now she had started to feel old instead. She has realized that having true responsibility for the puppy has made her feel different. She had come to snuggle with me as a way to feel little and cuddly again and escape for a bit from feeling old. We decided that maybe her sister should wait until she is 10 to get a puppy, because we don't want her to grow up too soon.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

All I can say is: Awww... Yes, the morning cuddles are a sweet and wonderful thing. It is sad to see them grow out of them, even if it is gratifying to them grow into responsibility.