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28 August 2009

Week 1 - really?

How did this happen? Oh yeah, I sneaked up on the school year.

This week we dropped BB off at the airport then went to the museum. I told the girls, "Congratulations, you are officially in school now. CC, you are in Third Grade, and LB, you are in..." "K4," she finished for me. There you have it - Third Grade and K4. I figured that if we had to get up early and then spent a day at a museum that we could call it school.

I let LB navigate from security where we left BB (sniffle, sniffle), through the airport, down the elevator, through the garage and back to our car. She did an excellent job. I think it is an important skill - everybody needs to know how to find their car at a busy airport.

At the museum, we parked far away so that we could walk through the rose garden on the way in. It was nice to literally stop and smell the roses. We explored the geology area, animals of Africa and South America, and dinosaurs of course. The girls got a nice lecture with samples to touch from a docent about where everyday things come from - lead, sulfur, fluoride, salt, etc. They also got to compare some dinosaur teeth, handle some elephant and mammoth teeth, and see some coprolites (ick).

That was a great first day, which was followed by Friday's visit to the doctor for an ear infection (poor CC) and my horrendous asthma (thanks ragweed). What should have been school time was me nursing a cup of coffee at the table and focusing on each breath while the girls drew ice cream and made an ice cream truck and an ice cream parlor in the living room. At least I got them to the table, it is good practice in the event that we actually have a real school day next week.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

Other than the asthma flare-up and ear infections, and of course saying goodbye to BB, it sounds like it was a lovely first week.

I hope you and CC are feeling better, so that your second week can be even more fun and interesting.