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13 September 2009

Bo's Costume - part 1

This is Bo. He is LB's son, and he wants to be a spider for Halloween. CC is making him a costume.

I wanted her to use a pattern, but of course we couldn't find a spider costume pattern in his size so CC had to make one. She has a book on sewing that she has been reading and a book on doll making and a yard of black satin. Yesterday, she sketched out what the costume should look like, and this morning I helped her measure the Bo's sister, Princess, for a pattern. Since I left for work, she has created her pattern, cut it out and done the first fitting. Right now, she is creating the pattern for the spider legs, and next she is going to make pants to match.

I'm proud of her creativity, ingenuity, sewing skills, and sisterly love - after all this is something she is doing for her sister.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

Gavin has a son (Gavin Jr.) and a daughter (Poppy). I wonder if he'll ask to dress them up for Halloween... LOL

Looking forward to seeing Bo in his spider costume! What a wonderful project for CC.