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11 September 2009

Week 2 - Sorry, Please call back later we are reading the Aeneid and Troy is about to fall.

Sometimes I get to feel like an actual classical homeschooler. This morning my mom called while we were reading the first chapter of In Search of a Homeland. I love chatting with my mom, but CC was engrossed in the story, the Greeks were inside Troy, the city was burning, and there was no way I could disrespect a story as great as the Aeneid to take a call. I politely checked that it wasn't an emergency then promised to call back later while CC was doing her Latin. You know that really sounds cool, but it wouldn't be honest unless I add that she had melted to the floor during math, and we just settled down after a recess; we ended the day with a long walk to the park to teach the puppy how to go down slides, spent lots of time digging in the dirt, and skipped copy work because I had to go to work.

We have finally finished 10 days of school. CC had her first day back at her public school enrichment. She loved it and is looking forward to the school year.

LB is making a paper chain to help learn her numbers. For each day that we count as a school day, she adds another ring to the chain and writes the number on it. I've decided that we need an electric stapler because manual ones are very hard for little ones to use. She also rediscovered that she can have fun without her sister.

This week we spent two days up in the mountains. It was beautiful The air was fresh and clean. The sky was big and blue. We even saw a herd of elk - they are really BIG. We fished, waded, collected rocks, hiked, climbed huge boulders, explored ancient glacial valleys, found a prairie dog town and enjoyed each being together.

We also spent a day this week at the park with friends splashing in a stream and being chased by ducks. CC is currently reading a book about how to make dolls. She had already made one of her own before I bought her the book, now she is taking the book to bed with her every night and learning to make fingers and noses and things like that.

Overall it was a wonderful week. I'm still not getting as much done as I would like. I think part of that is getting back into the habit of schoolin', and part of it my asthma still being out of control. Little by little, we will get there.


Wendy Hawksley said...

Oh, I can't wait to get into Ancient Greece soon! Hopefully my son will be as engrossed as CC!

Hopefully you will get to the point where you are accomplishing everything you want to get done. We're still in the "back to school" transition too. It is just a matter of time.

Karen said...

CC loves Ancient Rome more than anything we have ever studied. The only way we can cover anything at all about ancient Greece is when it leads to something relating to Rome. If I could just make all subjects about Rome, then it would all be easier here.