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04 September 2009

K4 - Okay what the heck is K4?

LB missed the cutoff for K in our very strict district by two weeks so she is not in K this year. That of course means that instead of going to the once-a-week enrichment school with her sister she will go swimming at the Y with me, go grocery shopping and spend the rest of the day with me volunteering in the art class in the enrichment school that she isn't going to. And what is she supposed to do with the rest of the week, when I'm supposed to be teaching her?

Of course I don't have a good answer for that. I think we'll just spend the year playing in the mud. Kindergarten can wait.

Then again... Oh never mind. K4 is for relaxed learning through play. Let's just ignore that section of the bookshelf I have for her schoolwork.

K4 is all about learning through experience - like playing in the mud.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

Playing in the mud sounds like a fabulous day of Kindergarten to me! Or chasing bugs and lizards, reading pictures books, lazing around in the sun, and hanging out with mom!