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16 September 2009

If I find Socrates to be annoying

I remember when I first read the Dialogues of Socrates when I was in college. I thought he was deep. I am trying really hard to read the trial and death of Socrates to keep with BB in his Intellectual Heritage class. I really am.

Today I was reading it while the kids were playing at an indoor playground I was waiting for our friends. I just kept thinking that it would be annoying to have him as a friend. I fear that by the end I will be cheering for him to take that fateful drink.

BB has suggested that I am too old to study philosophy because I'm already set in my ideas and not open to seeing things in a new way. I am really trying, but there is nothing like an annoying old philosopher to prove that your son just might be right.

I remember a few years ago reading something about how wonderful it is to use Socratic dialogue in a classroom to lead students to discovering answers for themselves. Right now, I can't imagine why I had thought that that was a good idea. I just looked up that article again - here it is The Socratic Method. I'm going to reread it after I finish reading Socrates to see if maybe I like his methods better than I would actually like him. Of course, I just might end up liking him before the end.


Wendy Hawksley said...

LMAO... BB is probably partially right - you have your ideas and are fine with them. I don't think it's that you are not open to seeing things in a new way, so much as you now have more experience in life than you did as a college student.

But I could be totally wrong!

Maybe its Socrates's attitude... One thing that drives me nuts is people with holier-than-thou attitudes and know-it-alls.

Karen said...

He certainly qualifies as that doesn't he? Even though he asks more questions than anything else, he has such a huge attitude. Could imagine being HIS Mother? She must have been a very patient woman.

Hmm, I wonder if there are any philosophers that were mothers?