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18 September 2009

Week 3 - Yeah we did school, but we have a long way to go

I think that my week needs serious work when I sit down to type up my report and can't remember what I did. Its a good thing I took a few pictures.

I'll start with K4/PreK. LB learned that four quarters makes a dollar so that you can get four gumballs at the school store. She also climbed trees, waded in streams, wrote her numbers to twenty in chalk at the park, swung on a rope swing and the swings in the yard and at the park, had a picnic, and learned that subtraction is a great way to procrastinate at bedtime.

And Third Grade? Well, CC is working on her multiplication, learned about fractions and equivalent fractions (I bought a Fraction Wrap-up for practice on our trip to Washington State). She also declared., "I can't go to bed now. I'm doing math, and I love math." She really likes those Wrap-ups. LB was doing the Subtraction Wrap-up when she learned a new form of procrastination. I think that maybe I'll just quit doing math during school, move bedtime up thirty minutes and try to trick them into doing it.

CC already read through one of the books about Lewis and Clark that I bought for our trip. I'm glad she liked it, but I think she preemptively reads the books I have planned just so that I won't be able to teach from them as effectively. - Paranoid much? But really, she prefers to be the one explaining things instead of being taught. I'm glad that I bought more than one book, and we are both looking forward to doing the crafts in the book she read.

What else? I'm sure we did more. Asthma is still beating me down which probably explains more about my week than anything else. Little by Little.


Wendy Hawksley said...

Ahhh, learning about money values is fun. And procrastinating at bedtime with subtraction? LOL Smart, LB!

That is so great that CC said she loves math. The bedtime thing is really funny.

Hoping you will feel better soon!

Cyn said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Wow- it seems like you had yet another great week! I just love the paintings! Was your daughter using chalk pastels or was it paint on the canvas?

Karen said...

It was chalk pastels. Her brother started teaching her how to use them this summer.