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11 October 2009

Week 6 - A plan for Getting on a schedule

We took the week off after our loss last week and spent most of the time out of the house. We went to the zoo twice and for a long hike in the mountains. It was a good week, but I am ready to put some structure in our days. Of course structure calls for a spreadsheet. I opened up Excel and made a little general schedule with time slots and everything on it. I need to get more done no matter how much I prefer sitting in my pj's, drinking coffee and watching the girls play all day.

Here is my basic schedule, and I have already changed it since I took this screen shot. On Thursdays, CC goes to a public school enrichment program for Science, art, music, Spanish and PE so the daytime schedule is just for me and LB. I also don't have any reading scheduled for CC, but she reads about an hour every night.

Let's raise a mug to schedules. I don't generally stick to them, but I think it will help me get back into a more productive rhythm.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

Is it OK if that mug has just been drained of hot chocolate (mmm, mmm)?

I also like schedules to help guide us. I don't always stick to a schedule perfectly, but it helps me as a basic guide!

Good luck getting into a productive rhythm that works for all of you. :)