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16 October 2009

Week 6 - TaDa! It was a mighty - mighty week

CC did a whole chapter in math and completed a whole week of WWE3. She learned all of the words to America the Beautiful - all of the verses including the one about pilgrim feet. She also did 4 lessons in Lively Latin and a lesson in Minimus. Yes, we rounded out today by hiking and going to the park with our friends then watching Word Girl and Mythbusters on tv, but really it was a very full week. And LB and I even helped chaperon CC's field trip to the aquarium and carpooled with friends.

It was a mighty, mighty week. I also cleaned part of the basement - or is it partially cleaned the basement? CC and I are setting up a craft room for her in a corner. We made chocolate candies one day too. Yum. And of course the best part of making chocolate candies is dipping strawberries in the leftover chocolate. It is important to remember to teach all of these little things to your kids too.

I knew I was ready for more structure. I even made it through the week without running out of toilet paper again. You gotta appreciate the little victories as well as the big. I made and lost a great grocery list, but I didn't run out of toilet paper or sugar.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

What a great week! I'm so glad it worked out that well. It sounds like so many things were accomplished by everybody.