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04 November 2009

It is Wednesday with hives

I like weekly summaries because over a week, I can get a lot done, but it comes in small bits some days.  On any giving day, very little may get done.  I try to keep the priorities straight so that even on days when my student breaks out in hives (today) or her long-lost friend who moved out-of-state comes for a visit (yesterday) that at least the important stuff gets done.  And that does depend on what is "important" to me.

Today, it was hives, and all we got done was a math.  It happened like this.

We ate breakfast in my bed this morning and watched Krypto which is some superdog cartoon, then we went down for me to get more coffee while CC went for a mile run on the treadmill.  After her quick run, she sat down for math feeling great but couldn't sit still.  She was itchy and quickly breaking out in hives.  After 4 of her 30 math problems, I gave her an antihistamine and put her in the shower.  My mom and I decided the new fabric softener could be the culprit so we stripped her bed and gutted her closet and drawers so that all of her clothes could be rewashed.

After her shower, she sat down again for math and finished 20 of her problems before the second antihistamine I gave her started to kick in - Uh - OH.  Too much medicine.  I let her tell me the rest of the answers, and I wrote them for her.  Then I tucked her into the couch with a supply of 5 hours worth of Popular Mechanics for Kids and started to make lunch.  By this time, LB is quite tired of getting no attention and asks if I can do astronaut training with her outside.  I make lunch for her and me while her sister's lunch is cooking.  When everybody has food, blankets, shoes, jackets, water, anti-itch cream and such, LB and I go out for astronaut training and lunch.

I'll save the rest of details, but we ended the day with pasta e fagoli and homemade basil pesto crackers for dinner and homemade shortbread cookies for desert.  CC still has hives.  LB is back from outerspace.  My mom has washed all of CC's clean clothes.  Hubby managed to work from home all day with us all here.  We did math.  I think I have my priorities straight.  I'm not going to mark this as a day of school, but school isn't everything. It isn't even the only reason to do math.

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