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06 November 2009

Week 9 - Weekly Report -Oops Not Yet

Hurrya - we managed most of 4 days of school this week. CC Missed one day of homeschool because of hives. She missed her public school day because of lingering hives. We visited with old friends. Wait..... I can't report this week on Friday. We have school on Saturday this week too. But I will say that Take Me Back is The best history book, ever. I haven't read it yet because she won't let me. She's had it two days and has started making a time line of the world and decided to make shoebox dioramas of each period in history - just for fun. This is outside of school time, because we are stubbornly doing PILGRIMS. :)

A real weekly report will come tomorrow after they finish their week.

When I left for work today, the girls were done with school and busily in the middle of their own school. They have a checklist they are following - yoga, art, cooking class, recess, lunch, and that is where I left for work. I think they had history, science, and p.e. still to complete. They were very busy.


Smrt Mama said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Julia said...

I hadn't heard of Take Me Back before. Thanks for mentioning it. I'll have to look into it now.