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07 November 2009

Week 9 - The real report

Shh - that's my baby asleep with a book. Isn't that cute?
Anyway. Week 9 is in the bag. The girls went to Museum School today. Hubby had them up, dressed and lunches packed then it was off to the museum for four hours of directed learning in a class with kids their own age at the museum of natural history.

Poor kids having to do school on a Saturday.

It was LB's first time using her lunchbox. Sniff. Sniff.
They both had fun, and LB was excited to share all the things she learned about whales and sharks. She even got to touch a whale tooth, a baleen, and a shark tooth. They made some friends in their classes and liked their teachers. CC, as usual, didn't have time to eat her lunch and knew the factual stuff about the Great Khan but did enjoy the games, activities, and demonstrations.

History - We are doing PILGRIMS and colonies. This week the girls taped some art paper together and colored a background for a paper-puppet play they are going to do about the Mayflower. With Windmills on one side, deep blue sea in the middle, Plymouth Rock on the other side and room for a small village and forests beyond that. They also worked on drawing deer and eagles and pilgrims. Hey - I've got to do Kindergarten pilgrims and Third grade early colonies. I'm trying to get double duty out of this. CC also did some research on pre-history, hunter-gatherer societies, and some more on Genghis Khan.

English - WWE had an assignment from Mr. Revere and I. CC enjoyed it so much, I ordered the book for her to finish. It also inspired her to pick selections from One Thousand and One Arabian Knights for her copywork.

Latin - We began working on a Latin vocabulary game from Ellen McHenry.

Math - We have finished through lesson 12 of the Kumon Multiplication book. CC still loves it. She still loves being graded. She is working diligently and consistently and trying her best and even trying to not write any numbers backwards. I can't ask for anything else. I am glad she has a great understanding of multiplication from the conceptual learning we did before we got here, but I am also very happy with the quick-facts that she is accomplishing now.

It was an excellent week. I like the progress we are making. I also think we may take advantage of more of the museum classes.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

Very cute! It sounds like things are moving on ahead. We will tackle American history in 2 years, and I am looking forward to gathering resources for it.