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13 November 2009

Week 10 - Report. Can I have a Do-Over please?

I must declare this week a failure. I think we did some school Monday, but LB was sick and CC was tired because the girls had along weekend. I am pretty sure we painted mom's room. I got LB's cold on Tuesday. After that things get a little fuzzy, and I don't remember what work we accomplished that allowed me to check off three days of school this week. I went to the post office to mail BB's Thanksgiving box. I took the dogs to the vet and to the kennel for a trial day. CC went to school thanks to hubby. I went to the doctor. I'm starting to feel better, but thanks to my asthma, every little cold is a big thing and every breath is precious to me.

I was feeling well enough today to leave the girls with a checklist of school work before I took my over-medicated self to the office. I explained to my girls that grownups don't get to stay home just because they probably should.

This throws a wrench in my theory that we are coasting right now. Right now, I want to switch to something with check boxes already planned out for me so that when I am feeling weak and the sharks smell blood in the water, they still do school. Hmm, Even with a half-mixed metaphors, my idea is still there. I need a more easily defended structure.

CC started Life of Fred Fractions today and liked it.

My big tip for the week - reading tongue twisters is great for fluency.

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Faith said...

I'm sorry you had a sick week. I hope the breathing gets better!