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08 December 2009

Homeschool Bliss

Shhhh. I have to note this date as one of those perfect homeschool days.

I awoke this morning to find CC doing her math and watching Popular Mechanics for Kids
on itunes. She'd already eaten breakfast and was almost ready finished with her math lesson. LB was still asleep and didn't awaken until after the coffee was finished and I had checked CC's work. Hubby made breakfast for us while CC and I buddy-read her reading assignment then we ate while CC did her writing. She started working on her history reading while LB and I did her copywork and I read her a story.

Okay, school was over by 10am, and I didn't even wake up early. While I was out feeding the chickens, the girls pulled out more history books. Weird kids, but I like them. Right now they are playing, snow is blowing outside, hubby is driving back from the airport with BB home for the holidays, and there is a big pot of beef stew simmering.

I'm pretty sure this is a perfect homeschooling day.

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