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05 December 2009

What is your child reading?

Today, CC was reading 100 Things You Should Know About Ancient Rome when I left for work. Last night, hubby read part of one of the Roman Mysteries to her, but she's already read the book. She is in the middle of Through the Looking-Glass and has started Little Women. We are reading The House of Arden together, again. She is also reading Do No Open and Take Me Back plus some of her Calvin And Hobbes. I think that is all that she is currently reading although the Roman book changes sometimes more than once a day as does the Calvin and Hobbes.

Somebody asked me the other day what she was reading, and I just gave the short answer of "Through the Looking Glass" since that was the last book I had seen her tucking into her bed, but it wasn't alone. Sometimes it is good to check-in with the long answer instead of just the short one.

LB is at that stage where she is starting to read, but books at her level are just no fun so she has no interest in reading them most of the time. I am still committed to not teaching her to read. We'll have to see how that goes. My other two learned to read despite my best efforts to teach them so I refuse to teach her although I do forget occasionally and try. I'm a no good at teaching reading so I refuse.

So, what is your child reading? Long answer please.


Daisy said...

LOL, My daughter is just like me and always has a stack of books she is reading. These are just "fun" books rather than school ones.

Anne of Green Gables
Egypt Game
Snow Treasure
Christmas Carol

The boy is reading Dinosaur Cove books and anything about Star Wars including technical manuals (crazy kid).

Stephanie said...

Mine are like me, too - one at a time! :)