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04 December 2009

Week 12 -WR. We are Home

That was a great road trip. My kids are terrific on long trips, and we had a wonderful time with my sister and everybody there. Our family is great, but we are spread too far across the country.

This is my weekly report so I had better talk about school now.

This week, CC and I finished placing her in Saxon 5/4 . I noticed a few things that she had never before seen (or didn't remember seeing) so she freaked out a bit over that, but the tests kindly tell you which lesson taught that skill. I had intended to start by backing up and doing just the lessons that had missing skills then proceeding with the material that would be all new to her, but I didn't. I went back to lesson 15 (which is source lesson for the first problem that freaked her out), and we just started there. We have completed lessons 15 and 16 after taking 4 placement tests in our week. At the end of today's lesson which had no NEW math information, she was smiling and said "I'm good at these." That statement is priceless.

We are happily reading House of Arden again, and still loving it. The language is beautiful, and the story is enchanting. CC wants us to study English history so that she can know more about each of the times that the children travel, and she wants to know English history as well as the children in the story. This week we read about the Gunpowder Plot again. Please to remember....

She is studying weather in her enrichment school, but has found that she is ahead of what is being taught. She did learn to make parachutes for her toys this week in class.

On the road trip, CC discovered that she loves crossword puzzles so I am going to add some into our week as a vocabulary exercise. And the Martha Speaks PBS show is a terrific show. I had purchased the whole season on itunes before we left so we could watch them in the car. They are great and educational. Highly recommended.

Today, I said something that seems to get said a lot around here.
"CC, please put down that Roman history book so that we can do history."

That was the week of schooling that we accomplished besides the trip to Roswell to study critical thinking, two trips to Seaworld which were a nice followup to our whale-watching trip this summer, a visit to the San Antonio Zoo, a visit to Ripley's, a mirror maze, a walk on the riverfront, 36 hours in the car, 3 nights in hotels, 4 nights at my sister's house, my mom, my sister, my bil, two nieces, one nephew, two great-nieces, and a wiener dog.

What a week.


WildIris said...

I love the pictures from Seaworld!!!
I want to know more about House of Arden and Martha Speaks. What age level, and what are they about?? (3rd grade?) Thanks for posting; it was enjoyable.


Karen said...

House of Arden is about two kids in England who inherit a castle. They travel through time backwards trying to find the "Arden family fortune" and have adventures while learning to work together. It has references to James I, Queen Anne, Napoleon trying to invade England, and a few more events. Since it is an older book, it is challenging. My dd typically reads on a 5th or 6th grade level and this is at the top of her reading level. So far, I have read it to her once, and she has read it herself. Now we are reading it a second time. My younger can follow the plot and knows the characters, but usually falls asleep during the reading at night.

Martha Speaks is a vocabulary show. It is about a talking dog, and it is pretty funny. At the beginning of each show, a character will announce what words to look out for and what they have in common. At the end of the show, they review the words. Both my 5yo and 8yo enjoy the show and use the words they learn there.

If you need more information, let me know.

Daisy said...

I think I'll hunt for that House of Arden book. Sounds really interesting.

Sounds like you had a great week. I WISH my daughter liked crossword puzzles. Did you buy something specific? All the ones I've looked at have too many pop culture questions that NONE of us know.

WildIris said...

Karen thanks for sharing the information.

Karen said...

I had trouble finding a good crossword at the right level too, but I'm really happy so far with Amazing Crosswords for Kids that I ordered from Rainbow Resource. Many of the clues are common sayings such as, "You can say that ____" or ___ code (part of an address). One of them really stumped her unexpectedly as it asked for the name of Barbie's boyfriend (or was it ex boyfriend). She had no idea, but figured it out later by filling in two of the three letters.