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27 December 2009

Lifelong Sports - short-week report

CC had two days of Lifelong Sports training this week for school a.k.a. ski school (although ski school was vetoed in favor of snowboarding school).

Winter sports are important for kids especially in areas with cold winters like ours. This is something she can enjoy for the rest of her life. I'm having to learn some new vocabulary like heelside and toeside and j-curve and of course goofey. Apparently, she loves it. I love to see that excited face and hear the enthusiastic, "I'm really good at this!"

Now we have another week of family and vacation before we start back to our regularly scheduled school - unless I can sneak them back to the mountains again before then. I guess this answers my earlier questions about whether or not I'd try to do math or something during vacation. I firmly declare, "NO".

Enjoy your family.

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