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03 January 2010

Here we go again

School starts next week. Vacation is over. Lets get busy. Right after I clean my house, pay some bills and get some sleep.

I declare Monday to be a Get Ready To Learn day. I've got everything ready for the new school session except the teacher and the school.

For CC and Third grade - We're going to learn Where the Sidewalk Ends as our new poem. French is still on the agenda. We're going to pick up Saxon 5/4 and Life of Fred right where we were. We are moving on to Week 3 in LA, starting SOTW3 along with the Activity Guide. And science will be both reading the Ocean encyclopedia and starting Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding by Nebel which we are starting so that we can fold LB into some hands-on science with us.

BB is here for one more week before he returns to school in Tokyo for the beginning of his Junior year. Hopefully we can fit one more day of skiing in before he leaves. I'm starting to miss him already.

I'm going to try to incorporate some hand-eye type activities into our day to help LB with her vision. Her eye doc noticed the same things I have noticed in her reading - letter reversals, letter flipping and a mid-line jump where she loses her place when her eyes cross the midline while she is reading. It explains why she compares a word she has read to the same word on a different page - to her they don't always look the same. It also explains why she is progressing faster with reading since I started her copying words, spelling and reading words from flashcards instead of just doing phonic and chugging through readers. The eye doc said that she should outgrow it soon, but I'm not one to sit by without trying to fix things.

Tomorrow is the perfect day to clean the house. It'll all be easy after that.

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