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20 January 2010

Third Grade Writing overhaul week 2

After horrible resistance to increasing the amount of writing last week, this week has been much better.

We are using the Rules of Civility booklet from the Donna Young site for copywork this week. It is giving us a glimpse into the life in colonial America in addition to providing good sentences for copying. Each night we have been trying to find ways to use the rules. Last night we worked really hard to keep our feet on the floor - I didn't realize how much I cross my legs or sit on one leg instead of sitting straight.

We have also done some other good writing exercises this week.

The girls are both working on lapbooks for the Roman gods which is a big hit because not only is it CC's favorite topic in history, it sneaks writing into an art project.

Today, CC made her history short answer assignment more interesting by using her invisible ink pen.

And the big win for the week so far is CC announcing that cursive is getting easier for her again since she started practicing more.

I've been having LB do a copywork or writing assignment everyday too. I'm trying to apply my lesson learned from one child to the next so hopefully LB won't ever have a time when she is a reluctant writer. However, I am old enough to know that instead of having no problems, she will just have different ones.

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