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22 January 2010

Week 17 - a list not a report

This week, I kept a log of everything we did so that I wouldn't get to Friday feeling as if nothing is working. I confirmed that we actually "do school" most days between 10am and 3pm. Some of the activities listed happened after school was done - like playing wii and knitting. On Wednesday, we didn't finish until 4:30 and CC was mentally tired which is why they had an active time listed as part of schooling. Most days they play vigorously at the end of the day and they always play before school. CC is still reading Little Women - she cried herself into a puddle this week over the death of Pip the bird. LB is still listening to Trumpet of the Swan which is written of course by the dad from Charlotte's Web (if you ask her). She loves E.B.White.

CC - Third Grade
Monday -
copywork from George Washington's Rules of Civility
math - Saxon 5/4
Roman gods folder
Rosetta Stone French
nature walk

we read about different periods in art from The Annotated Mona Lisa
did a Cave painting
math - squares and square roots
Poe - read poems and listened to The Raven on storynory.
worked on knitting
listened to Our Island Story chapter about the American "rebellion" on librivox
Snow White
The Little Mermaid

Do Not Open
Math Saxon 5/4 - 9 multiplication tricks
learned about the number 500 billion and did comparison and a measurement activity
had a play break
history writing - short essay about Columbus
Roman god lapbook
Rosetta Stone French 1 1/2 hours
played wii winter sports
mile on the treadmill

school - science, art, pe, world cultures, chess

writing - dream journal - 10am - until forever
had a hot tea break
Life of Fred chapter 6 - awesome chapter on doubling
was building a train station with KEVA Blocks when I left for work

LB - Not-K
number practice in Kumon
nature walk
Roman gods folder

Annotated Mona Lisa
made a handprint painting
Poe poems - she spent the next hour saying "Nevermore" in a spooky voice whenever I asked her a question
Snow White
The Little Mermaid
Made a picture for the Celery Raw poem and copied the poem onto the paper.
made cave painting
learned finger knitting

Played on Starfall
free play
Roman god booklet
helping mom
Madlenka by Peter Sis and talked about the different countries from the story and found them on a map
wii winter sports
mile on the treadmill

free play
grocery shopping with me
helped with laundry
watched Between the Lions with me

math - addition within 5 activities from RS A.
building with blocks


Daisy said...

Look at that! You rocked all over this week. I love the day by day list format.

Can you share with me where you bought the Roman god lapbook or are you putting that together yourself. I'm trying to think of more hands-on stuff to do when we get to that time period (in five weeks).

Karen said...

Daisy, I am putting it together myself for LB, but CC is doing hers by herself. The girls picked the gods that they wanted to do. I'll share the pictures when CC finally finishes. LB is copying the names and drawing a picture to represent the gods. CC is making each flap a shape themed for the god (like a house with a chimney for Vesta or an arrow for Mercury and waves for Neptune) then adding the information inside.

Roman history is a great time to hit the Roman numerals too if you haven't already. CC once spent a whole week doing all of her math assignments using Roman numerals - she really appreciated 0 after that.

Smrt Mama said...

Are your kids doing two different time periods of history right now? How is that working out? My boys aren't likely to sync up in their history rotation, so I'd love to hear how other parents are handling it.

Karen said...

I always wanted to keep them together in history to make it easier for me, but it is only sort of working out. I am now doing two (or three) streams of history aiming one child and trying to include the other. When I tried to just do one stream, I missed both of the girls.

I am covering SoTW3 with the older, but the younger listens and does coloring pages. I am also covering basic American history with the younger with heavy emphasis on founding fathers and basic literacy topics this year - I collected a lot of cool picture books when I had planned to do American history with both of them. The older can't resist peeking through the books and then asks questions and digs deeper on her own. The older is also a huge Roman history fan so she reads tons about that on her own, and I support by adding in interesting projects when I can find ones that we haven't already done.

This year, it became obvious to me that the girls are in completely different places developmentally and need very different things.

Laughing Lioness said...

I love reading about the "flow" of your week- and the pictures are great! Are those deer Breyers? Last question- how do you like Singapore Math? We'll be ready for new math soon..

Mandy in TN said...

I really enjoyed the daily format!

Karen said...

The deer are Schleich, and they are my children's vice. They love the details on each animal - the horses even have shiny horse shoes on the bottom of their hooves.

We started with Singapore math and I still love and use the CWPs and the Intensive Practice books. But, it was too long between topics for my dd, and she would be bored with the topic she was doing and forget the topic she had completed.

I have always wanted to love Singapore math but could never get it to work with this child. Maybe it will be a perfect fit for the next one.

Tonia said...

I love reading about your week - the day-to-day format is great. Really does show how much you get accomplished in a week.

Have a good weekend!

WildIris said...

What can I say--AWESOME week!!! It is nice to know one is not alone with the accountability question. I like how you handled it with your family. I am inspired. Thanks!

Those KEVA blocks look like fun to build with. The possibilities seem greater than just ordinary blocks.