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12 February 2010

Why I don't use a literature program

Last night while I was waiting for LB to find some pajamas that were warm enough, I asked CC how her book is going. In the course of our discussion, she told me about a few chapters that had kept her awake into the wee hours last week. A family nearby had contracted scarlet fever. They were very poor and the whole family was sick. Her eyes teared up as she told how Beth had held the baby as it died then became ill herself. She noted that if the sisters who had already had scarlet fever had gone instead of her that she wouldn't have become ill. CC had picked up on and remembered all of the important things from those chapters and summarized the scene with enough detail to make it interesting but not repeating it word for word.

I asked if that was the saddest part of the book so far, and she gasped that she couldn't imagine a sadder chapter (I didn't tell her). She loves how the author makes you "cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh." She is truly living with the book.

Her librarian asked her this week why she hadn't check out any books in a couple of weeks. She told her that she was reading Little Women and didn't need any more books right now.

She is only a couple of chapters away from the saddest part.


Daisy said...

You don't NEED to use a literature program. LOL.

Little Women is such a great book. I'm always half in love with the professor by the end.

AlbertaMama said...

That's just beautiful! It's wonderful to get caught up in the story and you're right for not using a literature program. I remember not being able to get into a novel in class, because it was not of interest. I love to read and my favourite assignments were when I could choose my very own book and do a paper or report on it! I loved choosing my own!
Little Women is one of my favourites and you daughter's right, it makes you laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry! Beautiful!

Smrt Mama said...

Of all the aspects of language arts I felt needed curricula, literature (and later on, literary analysis/criticism) just isn't one of them. I'm so happy that CC is engaging w/ the book so passionately. My oldest is the same way.