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12 February 2010

WR20 - Where is Flat CC and a lesson on Capacity

Do you know where Flat CC is this week? Have you done a Flat Stanley project yet?

Some days when I leave for work, I am sad to be going. Other days, I'm glad for the break and the quiet. Did you know that no one cries at my office? Temper tantrums still exist in the adult world, but they are much more subtle than in the land of five year olds.

Our week started off a bit slow. I was sick on Monday, so the girls accomplished a lot of playing. We also read the story of Moses from his birth up to the Passover from the Children's Bible (wasn't planned but CC was looking at the calendar and asked what Passover is. I figured it was best told in context of the rest of the story.) It turned out to be a great discussion even if I wasn't feeling well.

Tuesday, CC's math brain just wasn't there so it was a really hard day in math - I dropped what I had planned to do and just gave her a facts sheet instead. On Tuesday, we also accomplished phonics with LB, French with CC, four hours divided by two students for art (clay for one and water color for the other), twenty five pages in Building Language, a wonderfully illustrated page on Delaware in the states book, a trip to a terrific used book store, dinner downtown with Daddy, and a chapter of SoTW3.

Wednesday, CC filled out 25 valentines for her class, did math, did French, listened to Thomas Jefferson's America, bought a new pair of shoes, and made a terrific spaghetti dinner for the family. LB did her phonics, drew some pictures, played a lot, listened to Thomas Jefferson's America, and got a matching pair of shoes.

On Thursday there was real school which involved an interview with the local weatherman, playing and errands.

And today, CC did French before I got up; we learned about capacity, experimented with siphons which are really cool, and went for a nice long nature walk where, among other things, we found coyote scat.

When I left for work, CC had a math sheet to complete, and they were fighting over who got to sit where at lunch. I had Brainy Baby - French queued up to watch after lunch.

It was once again a week in which the best learning took place outside of my plans.

And Flat CC is in front of the Hachiko statue at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. Thanks to BB who is giving Flat CC a nice tour of the city.


Our Westmoreland School said...

I love your flat CC project! It sounds like your week went pretty well. Thanks for sharing.

Keri said...

"It was once again a week in which the best learning took place outside of my plans." - good words...

Robyn said...

I love the weeks you look back and learning took place where you least expected! Sometimes I need to be better at letting that happen! Rabbit trails are prevalent here! Thanks for sharing about your week! I love the flat CC project! We've never done one, but participated in one for our friend....

Daisy said...

"It was once again a week in which the best learning took place outside of my plans."

This seems true more often than not at my house. However, when I chuck the plans nothing gets done. So I must make the plans, so I can disregard the plans, so real learning can occur. Geez, that is a lot of work.

Laughing Lioness said...

The siphons look like a blast!
You had me lol over your comment on my giving up coffee--it probably won't last = )!