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23 April 2010

Week 28 - A long way to go

We survived our first week as a homeschooling family with two parents that work full-time at home.

Monday - up early all ready to start 10 minutes until first big thing for work and crash - CC fell. School canceled, but I couldn't miss the call. Hubby helped out tremendously. Everything is harder - lunch, laundry, dinner, comforting a kid that needs more attention than medicine ....

Tuesday - Started out with math and then my first conference of the day. Hubby helped again with the juggling. Kids watched more tv than is good for them. I had to go to the office for 4 hours - they painted bird houses and invented table curling. We had winter olympic sports after dinner.

Wednesday - We got math done, and we managed to do French, Shakespeare, history and writing. I also did phonics and math with LB. I ate breakfast and lunch at my desk but took the kids to the park in the afternoon. Hubby took off a couple of hours early and played with them and made dinner while I finished then I cuddled with them while he went for a bike ride. He finished up his work after the kids went to bed. This just might work after all. Flexible. We've got to all be flexible.

Thursday - Let's be flexible. CC did some Math Perplexers after I picked her up from school. We read more about Elizabeth before bed.

Friday - CC slept late. LB make a dog collar bead necklace while I was on the phone. She also watched cartoons, ate breakfast, got dressed and left for the airport with daddy. CC got up after they had left and created a cute fuzzy creature from cotton balls while I was working. She didn't see the value of starting her school work before she ate breakfast and never wakes up hungry. Hmm. I'm aiming to get schoolwork done before daddy and LB get back from the airport with BB because there will be no schooling after that. We also need to get the pot roast in the oven, change the sheets on BB's bed and oh yeah - I'm working.

We need to do a lot of adjusting to learn to make through our days. It is a good thing we'll have an extra adult to help out next week. And BB will be home in about an Hour!!! Japanese schools run three semesters instead of two so he gets out for summer earlier than he would if he were in a college in the US.

Things to work on - getting up (alarm clocks stink), getting the three meals done for everybody, getting school scheduled around my work, getting cuddles and more laptime in the day.

Things that we did well - being flexible and working together.

This weekend will be the payoff for the new schedule. We'll get to spend the weekend together.


Norah said...

Wow I can't imagine homeschooling and working full time but it sounds like you have it figured out for now. Good luck to you!

Prairie Mother said...

Good luck it getting all figured out. I've really enjoyed your blog since I'm starting out homeschooling my boys. Would BB be interested in blogging about college sometime? I'm interested in how colleges are different than in the west.

Cyn said...

Sounds like it may all come together! It seems like you still managed to have a great, productive week- Well done!