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26 April 2010

The best all around homeschool gadget.

Thanks to my new homeschool-helper I am having a very good day.

Picture this - eating fruit-filled crepes for breakfast and listening to your children learn Japanese from a patient and enthusiastic teacher. It isn't a dream; it was my morning. It is amazing. BB made breakfast and played "Mother May I" with the girls then supervised math and taught Japanese. He also listened to Shakespeare recitations and made lunch. I think he's just what every homeschool parent needs.

BB is a young man full of potential with the whole world ahead of him, and his sisters adore him.

I am very far from figuring out my new job and even further from figuring out how to make it work with homeschooling. However, while I figure these things out, I have terrific, bright kids and great support.

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LaughingLioness said...

It sounds like a terrific day! I'm glad that you have wonderful help!