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30 April 2010

Week 29 Delegation

It is official. Making a schedule doesn't get the work done. Can you believe it? The act of writing down a task doesn't make it happen automatically. There are only a certain number of hours in a day. When I finish work, I'd rather take a nap than do math or mop the floor, and the girls would rather that I cuddle or play.

This week, the ducklings grew too fast.

The kids worked on some engineering. CC and BB made a motor, and LB made gears that can turn corners. CC also started learning about structures and built a teepee.

They made masks, a pinwheel, and a paper doghouse.

LB worked in her Kumon book of crafts. She also read a page from one of the Magic Tree House books in addition to doing some Phonics Pathways.

They did Japanese everyday with their brother and did their math. CC read half of Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang, started reading Little Men, finished a book on Elizabeth, and read a cotton candy book News for Dogs. They played mini-golf with their brother and went to the park with me to meet with friends. CC had field day at her school and performed the All the World's a Stage monologue from As You Like It in the school talent show.

The week was long and hard but productive, and in the end I have delegated much of the daily homeschooling and childcare to BB while I'm getting comfortable in my new job.

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Moonbeam said...

I think naps and cuddles sound like a good choice when everyone is experiencing the changes a new job brings. It's great you've had the wisdom to delegate. I love the variety of things your children did this week.