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08 May 2010

Week 30 -

This week, the kids played mini-golf and went swimming with their brother and went bowling with daddy. Math and Japanese were accomplished daily. Writing is still the struggle it has been all year, but I added a new type of assignment that was terrific. Grammar, science, history,art and engineering somehow were completed. Reading and literature are the easy subjects. I delegated less this week, but felt the strain more and seriously questioned how this can work, but it is important to us all so it will work because it has too.

Here some are pictures of our work this week including the new writing.

This writing assignment pretty well summarizes what CC wanted to do this week. It was hard to get her motivated to do anything else.

Friends and dodge ball are CC's favorite things about her weekly enrichment school.

She also kept a good science notebook.

LB did some intentional writing this week. She decided what she wanted to do, dictated it to me then drew a picture of herself doing it. She spent an hour or more working towards her goal. I really like this assignment and plan to try to put it in the daily schedule.

In addition to normal math this week in which CC rocked division and was rescued in exponents by BB, she learned about surface area and volume with some building. LB followed the directions on the cards to make letters and a dog from the blocks.


Moonbeam said...

I like the art with the writing assignments. I often get more art than writing too. All the extra curricular activities sound like lots of fun. What are you using for teaching Japanese?

Karen said...

We're using "My First Hiragana Activity Book" by Yuko Green for the written, and my ds is teaching the oral portion based on words and phrases he thinks are important or that they are interesting in. He's been taking Japanese for 4 semesters in Tokyo, and he took 4 semesters in the US before he left.

Wee Pip said...

Love the pictures - esp the "I want to learn to balance" and then the photo on the bouncy ball - cute! What is it about homeschooled kids & dodgeball? Isn't that why we homeschool - so they don't have to play dodgeball? LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog & giving me math advice, very helpful.

Helen L. said...

Wow! CC is really talented at art. And your youngest is adorable. I really enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time, and I marvel at your ability to balance your two full-time jobs! Way to go, and Happy Mother's Day!