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23 May 2010

Golly do I feel grown up

Right now, I am sitting in a sunny window drinking a glass of white wine, waiting for my salmon to finish cooking and reading Nicomachean Ethics. These are amazing, grown up things that you never get to do when you have small kids. Who can follow Aristotle with kids playing in the same room?

The kids and daddy are on their way home. The house fan is on because the marinade I put on the salmon caught fire which means I'm having smoked salmon, again. My feet are dirty because I've been in the garden all day, and I'm typing funny because I have Hello Kitty band-aides on my index fingers, plus I smashed one with a sledge hammer. And I miss hubby and the kids! There is the kind of quiet that is good for your soul that refreshes and renews and gives you peace then there is reading Aristotle alone for hours quiet.

They've been gone since last Tuesday and the quiet is settling in around here. I miss the smiles and the noise and the hugs and the warmth of a home full of family and little ones. Much more of this and I might pick up Melville again right after I start drinking something really strong and find some good cigars - or a pipe. Maybe Cicero would be healthier.

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