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21 May 2010

Week 32 - What counts as school?

This week the kids are off on an adventure without me, but this is the weekly report for school so here is our school report.

Monday, CC took a French test, went to a bounce house, did her math, and then we met friends at the park. That's an okay day of school especially since I know that she also read for a couple of hours. "Just say no to pillaging," has got to be one of my favorite lines from a kid's book.

Tuesday, she did her math, packed her bag and a box of books and left with LB and daddy on an adventure. That is probably school.

Wednesday, She woke up in the car and made it to a favorite aunt's house well past bedtime. The day was spent looking at the world, chatting with her sister and dad, daydreaming and reading. Is that school?

Thursday, she spent the day catching up with cousins. We have cousins that homeschool! Isn't that awesome. I chatted on the phone with her for a few seconds while she was driving a golf cart through a cow pasture. Is that school?

Friday, they went to the aquarium with the cousins and played in a riverfront fountain. That is at least a field trip.

Meanwhile, I'm home. I've been working at the new job all week. BB and I are making Linguine and Shrimp for dinner. I don't have to worry about counting his school days anymore.


Moonbeam said...

I can't count the number of times I've asked myself "What counts as school?" Most recently I decided that Disney Magic Kingdom probably didn't but listening to Tom Sawyer in the car on the way there definitely did.

MissMOE said...

Yes, its ALL school. My favorite is the driving of the golf cart. My kids would love that!