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09 June 2010

Four O'Clock On a Wednesday Afternoon

Three days until the end of school.
Right now, LB is sitting at the other end of my work desk with glitter, glue, scissors, and watercolor paint. She is working on a big project.

CC is sitting on the couch in my office reading Oh Rats by Albert Marrin. She has Diogenes sitting next to her to read next.

So far today, this is the only schooling they have done. BB took them shopping to get them out of the house for a few hours. Each had a little money to spend. CC wanted a purse and perfume. She had enough leftover for a bownie for herself and a cookie for her sister. Nice budgeting.

We're doing math in about a half an hour.

My idea of a homeschool day is growing. Instead of trying to get through the work so that we can do something else, we have learned that a work day is a work day is a school day. We are stretching the work throughout the day. Getting done sooner doesn't mean that we are finished with our day.

And in the time that it took me to write this, she finished both the books. The rat book is gross, and didn't have anything she didn't already know but some kids might like it. She wasn't sure what the audience for the Diogenes book is supposed to be. The reading level was kind of high for a kids book, but there wasn't any real content. She's watching Mythbusters on Netflix now because she has a sprained ankle and is forced to be still.

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