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08 June 2010

Right now in my homeschool

The girls are sitting at the kitchen table with a rock identification kit for each girl. The oldest is indentifying 15 rocks based on their properties. The youngest is comparing the rocks to see which ones leave what color streaks, which ones are magnetic or reactive to acid, and washing them all with a paint brush etc.

Science, thinking, education. All happening right up there where I can see them while I am supposed to be in the family room/office working. Instead, I am distracted by how amazing they are.

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Fairiemom said...

My workroom is the same room that my dd does her lesson work in and recently I decided that our tables had to be on opposite walls so that we sit back to back, otherwise I become totally distracted by what she is doing, how involved and serious she gets, or how much fun the project looks...isn't learning amazing! My favorite is when I get to catch that AHA moment when they suddenly get something that they had been struggling with!
Thanks for sharing!