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03 September 2010

WR 1 - 4th and K

Before you read my report, please read this back to school PSA.
This is my first weekly report of  the 2010-11 school year - we're on day 23 of school.  :)

K math
Working on a project

This week we were much more like school than vacation.  We did math and writing everyday.  We're also doing lots of geography in Kindergarten.  We enjoyed the manners books, a soda pop science kit, watercolor painting and a trip to the park with friends.  The big thing for the week was Back-to-School-Night at our enrichment school. We start next week.

For our work - CC is doing great in math. She is really good at it and knows it. We started WWE4 for writing this week. The dictation is LONG, but she is very proud of how well she is doing with it. Summarizing is giving her trouble still because she is so good at remembering details.

LB has made amazing jumps in math. She can do the within 10 addition and subtraction in her head now. I don't know what has changed except that time has passed. She did her workbook twice this week and played with attribute blocks and dice the rest of the week. I found neat colored dice that match the attribute blocks which opens all kinds of possibilities. She's rolling numbers on the dice, then matching them with blocks then making hop-scotch patterns for her toys with them. She also started WWE1 this week. I decided I wanted consistency and a focus on writing. She did WWE three days this week so far, I'm planning to get one more day. In Phonics Pathways, she has started writing words from dictation which makes her very proud. She loves that she can sound out words and write them.

Today, I started the day with 3 hours of conference calls. After lunch, I hope to round them up for lessons. We're learning to work this out working from home and schooling out with lots of help from my Mom and from Hubby.


Daisy said...

You can HANDLE the conference calls! ;-p

Sounds like you have a great start to a new year.

Robyn said...

Love your floor map!! How great! We haven't started WWE4 yet... have about 9 lessons in WWE3 left... I'm nervous for long dictations! ;-)

Tonia said...

Looks like a great school week! I love that big floor map/carpet - now that's the way to teach geography!

MissMOE said...

LOL! Loved the link! Sounds like you are doing well with the adjustment.

Mandy in TN said...

Beautiful geography map and K math.

It definitely sound more like school than vacation.

Tina said...

That is hilarious. I'm so using that! I literally laughed really out loud!

That map is awesome and it sounds like you've adjusted nicely to working at home. Your "tone" was much more at peace and much less concerned than when you started. It's nice to "hear".

Keep up the great work...you're inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week! Love the floor map!