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24 September 2010

WR4 - What do we do in a day or a week?

This week I scribbled a little list of what we did. I'm trying to figure out for myself if we're doing enough. I know we haven't added history, music or our foreign language, but those are coming. I received the Rosetta Stone logins from the school district this week so we will start are foreign language next week.

Here's the breakdown on our days.
Monday is our more relaxed day.
CC did a lesson in math and writing (WWE4). She retold the story of Perseus and illustrated a few scences from it. She also started working on a set of drawings for the twelve labor of Heracles.
LB did her phonics, listened to the story, retold a story herself, and worked on learning to jump rope.
Together they played in the sprinkelers and jumped on the trampoline.

Tuesday is LB's day at the enrichment school. Hubby took a vacation day to spend the day with CC. She did her math and writing then played three rounds of min-golf with dad and went out for sushi for lunch. After lunch, she did experiments making fruit and vegetable batteries. She figured out that you get a more stable voltage if the fruit is more dense (sweet potatoes are better than oranges), but they all have about the same voltage. In the afternoon, CC and Hubby went to a wheel throwing pottery class which they just started together.

Wednesday is a big school day.
LB did her phonics and spent a lot of time with Grandma learning more nursery rhymes and doing dot-to-dots. She drew some trains and played with her markers. We did some hand-clapping songs together, and she did her handwriting practice from BFH before running out to the trampoline to practice jump rope.
CC did her math and writing then we read Cupid and Psyche together. She worked on her labors of Heracles art project, and we all listened to the audio book of the story.
They jumped on the trampoline together before discovering that some of our flightless ducks could fly. We caught and trimmed the wings of all of the ducks. Later, we blew up some diet coke and mentos before running off for CC's fencing and LB's ballet.

Thursday, CC had her day at the enrichment school. LB spent the day at the zoo with dad.

Friday, well I'm going to do the school work, just as soon as I get them back inside, probably.

CC read Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village and another Asterix. LB and I have been reading Winnie the Pooh and Beatrix Potter this week. I've been reading Fearless Girls and Wise Women to them at night.

I was also on call this week which means that all night long I wake up afraid that my pager is going off. In addition to my nornal work, I spent many, many hours on the phone ignoring my family. Hubby helped with the kids and spent some terrific time with them. My mom helped with the house and kids. She even made me brownies for dinner last night after I had a really long day at work.  Mmm, brownies.  Any week that ends with brownies is a good week.


Bright Sky Mom said...

Sounds like a great week with a sweet ending! I've never heard of flightless ducks!

Karen said...

They are Khaki Campbell ducks which are supposed to be terrific foragers, lay abdundant eggs, and not be able to fly. One flew over a 4ft fence last week and they just started laying a couple of weeks ago. They do however eat dandilion and thistle so I'm keeping them.

Daisy said...

That Fearless Girls book look fabulous. I'm going to add that to my list.

I love that your girls got so much Daddy-time. That is a wonderful gift that I'm sure they will cherish.

Oh, and pass the brownies. I could totally use one of those right now. :-D

WildIris said...

You've been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award." Enjoy!


Robyn said...

It looks like you had a great week! Nice to have Dad be so involved. I like your battery experiment!

Mandy in TN said...

Great Medusa picture! Your girls had such a wonderful week and then wrapped it up with brownies. yum!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful week.

I just added some great books to my Amazon cart. I look forward to reading them, especially Cupid and Psyche. Thanks!