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01 October 2010

WR 5 2010 - A week of science and nature.

Sometimes you hear your kids say something that really makes you question your reality like "Lets go sky-diving!"  Skydiving?  I would have hoped that by now I would have some clever thing to say (or even think) when stuff like this happens.  I don't.  I just sat and finished my coffee hoping we wouldn't be going to the ER.  I remember skydiving as a child, only I jumped off the roof of the porch and the girls were just on the stairs - no biggie.  And while I'm thinking of it, when I was a kid, we jumped rope with jump ropes, my kids seem to think they are some form of climbing gear.

This week hubby had his last two days off.  On Monday, he took CC to the museum of nature and science.  They went to the planetarium, explored the space exhibit, and examined the gem collection.  LB and I stayed home with her cold and my work.   He took LB on Thursday when CC was in school.  They played in the Amazon exhibit, looked at the animals, played in the science exhibit, and braved the dinosaurs.  They all had fun and the girls got to enjoy the museum at their own pace. 

This week we had a major break through in writing.  CC wrote her own summary!   She also started writing her fictional diary - she is spending the year studying as a Roman girl so the diary is from the point of view of a girl name Antonia in Herculaneum before Vesuvius blew.  We picked names,  a city, a job for her dad, and a time period (during the second Triumvirate).  

We took the day off Wednesday to enjoy the weather.  The girls spent the entire day outside.  It was wonderful.  They used the hose to build a river, created farmland and a village populated by animals.

The rest of the week was pretty great.  CC had pottery class which is hard for her, but she loves it.  For science, she started working on a telephone with parts acquired from Radio Shack and the craft store. She finished intermediate fencing which required that we finally purchase gear for her (now she'll have her own real sword at home).  We're still reading the book from last week with tales about girls, and we started reading Black Ships Before Troy.  We restarted Music of the Hemispheres and worked on her memory work.  Math is still going smoothly as we near the end of this book.
LB is reading slowly and steadily.  She also did some work in her Visual Perceptive skills book, and we read How to Clean a Hippopotamus.  Most of the week she struggled with a little cold so we spent more time snuggled on the couch than doing any school work.

Right now, CC is making marinara sauce for dinner, and LB is singing Home on the Range.  I think it is time for the weekend.  We've completed forty -one days of school.


Robyn said...

I was wondering where that sky diving story would go! That's great! Ya gotta love those imaginations!

Tonia said...

LOL! I think our dd's would have fun together - mine does the same thing on the stairs. And yes, jump ropes are used for everything BUT jumping rope in our house! ;-)

Bright Sky Mom said...

Are you going to share diary excerpts??
And can you share the telephone plans?
Lee (5wolfcubs)

Laurie said...

How special for each to have a day with daddy! My girls would love that - I need to work on more alone time with each of them myself.

Is your DD enjoying the pottery class? My two just started a hs class, but are not using the wheel yet. The 1st week they made pinched pots and last week they brought in huge leaves and pressed them into clay that had been rolled flat. They then formed them into shallow bowls - like for a candy dish - over Styrofoam forms. Fun!