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22 October 2010

Week 8 - When we were 6

LB turned 6 this week so we had a short week. Birthdays are holidays around here.
She got to spend an entire day doing what she likes best - dancing, tea parties, playing outside.

The rest of the week we were very busy. Hubby was out of town and it just seemed like everything was harder. I ran out of milk on Thursday. Milk. I never run out of basic things like that.

CC sewed herself a falcon this week. She's been fascinated with falconing since she read a book about Mary, Queen of Scots. She finished Black Ships Before Troy which led us to some terrific discussions about archetypes and heroes. She had pottery class plus went to an open pottery session. LB and I got to join the class as replacement for Hubby. It was difficult but fun. She started working through Sew Anything. She is making her own pattern to make a gown this week. She started another mystery story, did her math, made dinner, started reading Eight Cousins, helped paint the kitchen and hallway, and started reading Gods, Goddesses and Monsters which is a book about comparative mythology. She was terrific in fencing although she came home sore because she isn't gotten quite quick enough to block a particular attack from one of her classmates. All that plus we had a short week, and she went to school one day.

For school this week - LB went to school one day, worked on her finger knitting, did ETC for her phonics, finished her book of nursery rhymes, started an Aesop Literature pocket about the Fox and the Goat including making a story strip, went to pottery  for two hours with her sister (she really wants to be old enough to use the wheel), went to ballet, did math one day, and listened to more Beatrix Potter stories.  She still needs to do her Japanese.

The leaves are turning which have drawn us to spend every spare moment outside in them. 

I'm glad we took the time during the week to enjoy them and each other.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday LB! What a nice birthday tradition :)

Eight Cousins is one of my favorite books. Has CC read much Louisa May Alcott yet?

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! It was a birthday week at our house too.

Karen said...

Karen - CC has read Little Women twice. She was reluctant to read any other books by Alcott because she was afraid she'd be disappointed, but Alcott doesn't disappoint.

Lisa - Happy Birthday! to your 7yo.

Mandy in TN said...

Happy B'day, LB!
And, wow, CC accomplished so much.
What a great week- definitely including laying in the leaves (and just forget the milk- lol)!

Gifts for Girls Academy said...

Happy Birthday LB! They do grow up so quickly. How does CC like Eight Cousins? I keep trying to get my girls to read this one. They loved Little Women, and we just finished Invincible Louisa which was wonderful.