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29 October 2010

Week 9 - It must be fall.

This week went by in a whirlwind with days of unending wind and our first frost. I managed to have 3, yes 3 migraines this week. Somehow everything still rolled on.

It was a hot August morning. The sun was already sweltering, and it was only 9 am. I stopped in the shade at the Penny Arcade when I heard a loud bang and a scream over the ruckus. I ran to investigate and found a disturbing scene then called for back up.

The clerk from Navajo Joeʼs was lying on the floor, dead. I secured the area and looked around.

Everything in the store seemed untouched except the storage room door was lying on the floor with the hinges broken. It looked like it had been pushed from the inside. I noticed an unattended truck backed up to the loading dock.

While the crime scene investigators were doing their thing, I went for a walk to see what I could find and talk to witnesses. The first witness, a lady in her late fifties, told me that she had seen a stout man running from the store towards the river so I headed that way.

That is the beginning of CC's latest mystery. She wrote a two-page mystery that included a red herring. She is extremely proud of her story. She also wrote in her fictional journal most days and decided to write a report on komodo dragons (she's researching more but already has a paragraph written). I'm not sure what has gotten into that child, but I like it.

The other big news is that LB is almost finished with ETC 1. She enjoys it, and her reading is leaping forward.

This week, my summary is a daily list.
CC - math, finished Black Ships before Troy, journal,  started reading Giants, Monsters and Dragons, fencing.
LB - ETC, Visual Perceptual Skill Building, Mother Goose, did her Student of the Week poster for the enrichment school.

CC - orthodontist, math, a windy day balloon chase with dad, pottery class, typed first draft of mystery, cutout the pattern for her gown, read more in Giants, Monsters and Dragons.
LB - at school.

CC - math, sewed gown, read Wanderings of Odysseus, finished mystery story read more in Giants, Monsters and Dragons.
LB - ETC, painted, staged a double wedding with stuffed animals, ballet.

CC - school, read more of Eight Cousins, journal
LB - ETC, painted pictures of houses for everyone then drew them with chalk in the cul-de-sac, Rumpelstiltskin,  nature walk.

CC - finished her Saxon math book!, finished Eight Cousins, journal, afternoon at park with friends, Rosetta Stone.
LB - ETC, park with friends, Rapunzel, handwriting, Rosetta Stone.

The chill in the air makes me want bread - I wonder if I have enough spelt for a big loaf.

We have completed 54 days of school.


Prairie Mother said...

It's a cold windy day here too and bread sounds divine! I think I'll break out the bread pans.

CC is a very talented writer! She already has me yearning for the rest of the story.

Lisa said...

I had a migraine last weekend. You have my sympathy. Great outfits by the way.

WildIris said...

I liked CC's story beginning. It is fun to read what other kids write. Thanks for including it in your post. I've never had a migraine, but my son gets them. He is out for a long while. I hope next week is migraine free for you.

Mandy in TN said...

CC- great story beginning, congrats on finishing the Saxon book, and cute gown!

LB is so creative. Double wedding and sidewalk chalk homes are so fun.

LaughingLioness said...

You are amazing- I hope you are feeling better and these were the last migraines of the year! What a great week. I love the story, the outfits are terrific. You continue to inspire me- thanks = )!!

Amy said...

Love the beginning of the story!

I hope that's the end of the migraines! uggghh!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Great costumes! Hope this week was migraine free!