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12 November 2010

Week 11 - Goodness I'm glad this week is almost over.

This week started out with impossible expectations, then gloriously failed to meet them.   I was oncall this week, and I was called everyday including twice on Thursday when I spent about 10 hours on the phone dealing with a major crises.  Now, add to that both of the girls getting sick - on different days and you have my week.  I had to call-in to work today with sick kids so I am getting a quiet respite and a chance to pay attention to the kids.

Monday - LB was sick.  I took her to the doctor who proclaimed it was not strep and please giver her plenty of rest and fluids - I knew this already.    CC made her own schedule since she didn't like mine, and we both agreed she needed one.  She read about the executive branch of the government in How the U.S. Government Works by Syl Sobel .     She worked on editing photos on my laptop and rested her hurt knee (more about that later).  She also did a great job of helping to care for her sick sister.  I had a Very Important Document to publish, and I spent a couple of hours on a call.  I decided that this day wouldn't count as school.

Tuesday - LB felt better and went to school where in addition to art, pe, library, recess, and lunch she learned about pilgrims.  When I asked her what she learned she replied, "Pilgrims have to wear a lot more clothes than Native Americans."  I really love kindergartners. 
CC made waffles for breakfast, did spelling and some perplexors.  She designed a pattern and cut out the material to make herself a vest, wrote in her journal and went to pottery with dad. 

Wednesday - We woke up to snow so the girls rushed through breakfast then went out to play.  When they came in CC make hot cocoa for them then she read part of Take Me Back by DK Publishing with her sister.  It is a terrific, exploratory history book.  She started to feel sick and went to bed for the rest of the day.  LB discovered that she is just the perfect age for Calico Critters.  We pulled out the critter's townhouse, and she spent most of the rest of the afternoon playing with them.  She did complete the first few pages of  her new ETC2 then went to ballet. 

Thursday - CC woke up feeling better so she went to school.  In the afternoon, her knee started hurting again so she came home early.  LB and I played mother and child.  She was the mother who had to go to work.  She works at The Very Big IT Company and is a manager.  A manager btw is kind of like a teacher according to her.  She discovered that she could read - she read two pages of a Level 1 reader!  I read The Little Brainwaves Investigate: Animals to her between my two calls.  Once I got on the long call, I skipped the rest of the day, but was done by bedtime so we played for a while then I read them stories.

Friday is a Sick Day for us all.  We need the rest.  I was paged and worked for three hours before the girls got up when I learned that I needed a sick day.

LB has been getting K.Y. Craft fairy tales all week.  I'm still reading wise women tales to CC (and LB listens).   This week CC read Nordic Gods and Heroes by Padraic Colum when she wasn't too sick I took her to the doctor  today for her hurt knee (tendinitis and maybe a bit of "jumper's knee").   He verified that she has a non-strep sore throat too since she woke up this morning with a fever of 1-1, headache and sore throat. No school today either.
We made it to 66 days of school for fourth grade with three days of school this week and 67 days for kindergarten with four days of school.


Monica . . . said...

Oh...your week sounds similar to mine! My K'er also made it Day 67, although it was full of sickness and lots of attitude!

Hope you are all feeling better and rested next week.

Moonbeam said...

You got a remarkable amount done around sickness and work. I hope you all enjoyed the down time today and are feeling better by Monday.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about the sickies. I had to laugh about their exuberance over snow. Not my adult reactions, LOL.

Bright Sky Mom said...

I love the Calico Critters! My sister had some bunnies that she passed on the my older daughters. But I gave them away... Let's see, new little daughter is almost 1 but I should probably wait a few years to get her some. I probably shouldn't buy myself some. :)

Hope the new week is healthy & happy...stay warm!

Mandy in TN said...

LOL! Pilgrims wear more clothes.

Hope everyone is feeling better.