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19 November 2010

Week 12 - And I thought last week didn't go well

I may as well just summarize by saying we are now on Day 67 for fourth grade and Day 69 for Kindergarten which is a gain of one day for fourth grade and two days for Kindergarten.  Illness reigns at The Magic School House. 

I started this week keeping actual notes about our week.  Here they are raw and unformatted.

CC Reading List

Read In Search of a Homeland: The Story of the Aeneid by Penelope Lively -Between Black Ships Before Troy, The Wanderings of Odysseus and this one, Odysseus was her favorite. She said the Roman story lacked a true hero like Odysseus . The Luck of Troy was her favorite stories from the three books because it showed how a true hero was willing to suffer to achieve his goal.   We talked a lot about how the stories compared and what they said about the people who wrote them and the times in which they were written.

She started reading An Old Fashioned Girl. 

LB Story List
The Little Mermaid by Andersen
Serendipity Stories
Always Room for One More
Fox in Sox
The Little Match Girl by Andersen

and lots of Jan Brett.

Monday -
Sore throat is worse
Did Spelling Workout and Dot to Dots
Started new story - an adventure
missed Dental appointment and fencing

ETC2 - 2 pages
1 page Math
Art - Picture - mixing colors
Little Mermaid
No Cavities
Mixed up agar for science project
Help peel potatoes for dinner

Back to doctor for sore throat. Still not strep. Not mono either but will need to go back for a retest if still sick next Monday.
missed pottery
LB went to her enrichment School
I had a Very Important Document to publish

CC sick
LB played. Did Teach Me Kindergarten on my iphone.
played some more - making roller coasters for stuffed animals in the living room
Watched Kipper while I was on the phone all afternoon
Didn't count as school.
Hubby tucked them in bed and I checked on them while I was still on the phone. Tucked hubby in too - he had to get up early on Thursday.

uh-oh week is almost gone.
Starting to worry that homeschooling isn't going to work with my new job, but try to calm myself that half of my students are out of school so that explains why I haven't accomplished much. Resolve that LB will not watch so much tv today.

Picked out materials for next year. CC wants Asian history - but not all wars so we'll concentrate on history, geography and culture starting with a modified SL 5. LB is getting SL 1 modified or OM1. I think that since I haven't had much school this week I'm worried about their progress. Planning next year has helped me to relax. Of course plans are subject to change. I know I want some structure for LB since she'll be in first grade, and I have a history of just letting her play. CC is getting pretty independent and loves to follow trails. I will torture her with IEW B next year just for fun (mine not hers). Next year we will be more structured.

Hmm - I think I'm running a fever now.

CC made me some tea with fresh mint, lemon  balm, vanilla and honey. She said it'd make me feel better. Then she put on a show for her sister and started working on her story.

CC Started reading Treasure Island before she went to bed . That is a mistake. She read all of part one, then called me. Her eyes were the size of saucers, and she was breathing heavily. She said it was the most amazing, dramatic, adventurous, story ever. It was like all the other adventure stories in the world with their boring parts squeezed out. She had a terrible time getting to sleep because she kept thinking about it and being tempted to read the rest. But the good news is that she maybe she's feeling better since she's reading.

But she did miss her school day.  Canceled school for LB.
Friday - Here it is. The big day.  Last chance to do something.

CC woke up with a fever and sore throat again. She is however feeling like working on her story - its in her mind and she wants it on paper.

Her energy quickly faded.  She added another scene to her story.  LB and I went for a two mile run and bike ride and had tea party.  I guess this isn't school - again.


Karen said...

Oh my gosh, I hope everyone is better by Monday!

An Old-Fashioned Girl is one of my favorites :)

Mandy in TN said...

It looks like there is more than 1 day of 4th and 2 days of K in there! Hope y'all are feeling better.

Karen said...

Mandy - My hubby said the same thing when he read the post. :)

Lisa said...

I hope everyone recovers soon.

Bright Sky Mom said...

My hubby read Treasure Island aloud to us last year -- great story! I like CC's description about boring parts squeezed out.
I think you should re-calculate what is a school day! :)
Hope everybody has HEALTHY week this week.