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03 December 2010

Week 13. Fresh and Happy and busy.

Our Thanksgiving trip to Texas was terrific.  Here is a picture of what the girls did in the car besides playing Stack the State and watching movies. 

CC continued to work on her story this week.  Her last word count was over 1600 words.  She has divided the story into chapters, and I picked up a punctuation book that we started instead of the grammar we were doing.  Here is the story beginning.

Red, orange, yellow and purple, those were the colors all around. She felt the cool breeze on her shoulders;  life was good. They say nobody has seen a hyena in these parts for years. “Hey, Azana, come down from that rock; it's my turn for look out duty,” yelled Jamar. 
She says she's following a "classic hero quest plot"  so she knows where her story is going.  

The new math book finally came in, and we've started that again.  Her current reads are Tom Sawyer and this anatomy book.
She's also been watching Alton Brown on hulu.com then trying the recipies.  Pottery is almost done, and we're planning a class on fiber spinning next.

LB was happy that it was warm enough to play with chalk for at least one day this week.
 She drew some terrific pictures including this winged unicorn.

She did two pages a day from ETC2, listened to terrific versions of Rapunzel and Rumplestilskin, read Gus the Duck, worked on addition with in 20 with a dice game, spent some quality time being a veterinarian and a dog. She also worked with her sister on teaching the dog a new trick.

Other than that, we started A Christmas Carol. CC loves the character descriptions Dickens does. LB thinks its funny so far - because she was picturing the people from the descriptions. The girls both learned some string games and spent a lot of time, while I was working on a document, turning various rooms in my house to caves, hotels and bakeries.

I have a question for you? Do your kids know why boats float? CC's enrightment school did a science lesson on bouancy. This is a fourth and fifth grade combined class. Only two kids had a firm understanding of it. Both also exclaimed "Eureka!" in class.


WildIris said...

Where did you find the cut outs for the Popsicle dolls? (Is that what they're called?) Very cute! I want to make some with my DD. Can you post back to me somehow? Thanks.

Adamant Academy said...

I love love love the popsicle people so very cute

Mandy in TN said...

I think we talked about boats when we talked about the Vikings last year or maybe it was when we did ocean stuff with WinterPromise a couple of years ago. Anyway, I am sure the little man doesn't remember it!

I also wanted to let you know that my extra student is using the HoE videos, but my ds is not. You definitely do not need them.

Robyn said...

Cute puppets! Hmmmm... I'll have to see if my kids know why boats float! I know we've talked about it before with the oldest, but it's been awhile...