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29 January 2011

The first 2 1/2 miles is the easy part.

This weekend the weather was warm so we decided to do my run on a trail  together outside instead of sticking to the treadmill.  Hubby dropped the girls and I off at the trail head then parked 5 miles away at the next trail head and rode his bike to meet us.  I told the girls to stay ahead of me but where they could see me at least until their father caught up with us.  :)  It was a mile longer than I had run last week, but the trail and the weather were perfect for a run.

After we were finished, I asked CC if she had felt like she couldn't make it the whole way while we were going (she on her bike and me running).  She said that it wouldn't have done any good to quit because she would have still had to cycle to the the truck. 

It is easy to keep motivated when quitting isn't an option.

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