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04 February 2011

Week 19 - A list and a cold, cold week

This week a list:

Gregory's Shadow, The Reason for a Flower, Dr. Doolittle (Suess), A Girl Named Disaster, The Stones are Hatching, Golden Children's Bible, Story of the World, History: The Definitive Visual Guide, Puck of Pook's Hill, Magic School Bus Plants a Seed, The Land of the Silver Apples, The Golden Goblet, Otto of the Silver Hand, Animals in Winter, Exploring Our Solar System , Uncover Dog, Gus the Duck, Blueberries for Sal, Sunshine Makes the Seasons

Helped screw in drywall, sorted the nails and screws into new containers, math, ETC, "Of course it has accessories, it's a Barbie car", Gregory's Shadow, The Reason for a Flower,  played Dogopoly, put together a bookcase for G-ma with Daddy, had a snow day from school, played Calico Critters with Daddy in my cozy office floor, did the er,ur,ir,wor,ear phonograms, talked about planets (read Mercury and Earth based on the new phonograms!!! Love PR), sent a group of Calico Critters into space, played treasure hunt with the Calico Critters (hide 16 critters then count down until they are found (we found 6, there are 10 more to find etc.)), Animals in Winter, made a popcorn and cranberry string to feed the animals, explained doggie digestion to Daddy using Uncover Dog, read Gus the Duck, "I love you, and I love phonics!", made a picnic for inside for lunch, did our PR lesson, played veterinarian in my office while I worked, spent forever getting her snow clothes on to play outside, finished week 3 of PR1, did her math lesson, played Noah's Ark.

Made Razzleberry Pie, had drywall dropped on her foot, A Girl Named Disaster, math, spelling, write a letter to a friend, "Your car has accessories?",  DogopolyStory of the World 1, fencing complete with new bruises,  Puck of Pook's Hill, talked me into reading Land of the Silver Apples to her again,  watched History Detectives on the treadmill,  then watched the HP3 movie on the treadmill almost 3 hours nonstop walking (the cold is starting to get to us all), found the box of SL Alt. 7 books I had saved from when BB was younger, started reading The Golden Goblet,  pottery canceled, finished The Golden Goblet, researched the Suez Canal, helped hide critters to avoid math, started Otto of the Silver HandWON HER STORY CONTEST!!!!, took the day Friday to go snowboarding with Daddy.

Me (just the interesting parts)
Put up drywall, took a load of stuff to Goodwill, read the Logic section of TWTM,  practiced my part of a training presentation so much that I could only talk in my "presentation voice", read some poetry aloud to try to get that voice out of my head, gave the first session of my training presentation to 150 people while still in my pajamas, need to remember to breathe more often, strategically placed the box of Alt. 7 books so CC could find them (snow days require more books),  ran 2 miles on the treadmill, gave the training presentation to 50 people on the other side of the world in a clean set of jammies, hid lots of calico critters, did my training for a third time to 60+ people (not in jammies this time),  ran 45 minutes on the treadmill, was happy I had gotten dressed early becaue I forgot to put the trash out and had to chase down our nice trash guy, decided I should probably read Noah's Ark to LB since she loves to pretend to be animals on the ark, debated whether any of this is acutally interesting.

I made this list this week as it was happening. It  helped to highlight to me how much everyone works together around here to get things done.  I left out things that were non-educational from the kid's lists.  The weather canceled most of our outside commitments.  I also didn't require as much from CC as I usually do for math and other skill subjects.  She is in the middle of a restless and growing phase.  Her mind is seeking more depth so I've been trying to focus on that and give her plenty of time and space to accomplish this growth.  

It was a good week.

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Faith said...

It was very interesting! And sounds very busy. We've got to do more of our movie watching while on the elliptical.

The pie looks yummy!

congrats on winning the story contest. That's great!

My sister often does conference calls to the other side of the world in her jammies. The beauty of technology but now they are threatening to make everything video calls! Noooo! She screams!